Zclassic Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The founder of the crypto currency is Rhett Creighton, who had previously worked on Bitcoin. Since the blockchain is open-source, the entire community is encouraged to contribute to the development and to contribute their own code.

Zclassic started as a fork on November 5, 2016, just eight days after Zcash was released. In the beginning, the only difference between the crypto currencies was in the mining, more precisely in the payment of the miners. In addition, unlike Zcash, the supply of new coins was not limited, and the slower mining speed was eliminated for the ZCL coin. The decision to carry out the Hard Fork was also based on the closed investment round of the Zcash. Then there was all the hype about the start of the coin, which led to a crazy rise in the price. Zcash initially cost 2 million Euros, but in the following days the price plummeted. Due to the private ICO many felt excluded. Zcla ssic should offer the community the same chances to buy the coin and profit from it.

Zclassic Coin Advantages and Disadvantages for the Bitcoin trader

Basically, the ZCL coin offers a lot for the Bitcoin trader that the Zcash also offers. But although the crypto currency is fairer in mining, the original coin still has a much higher market capitalization and that despite only a few days lead. On the other hand, buying Zclassic Coin is much cheaper and at the same time the Bitcoin trader price has jumped a lot in relation to previous market values in recent months. Despite the competition, the ZCL Coin forecast is not bad at all and an investment could be worthwhile. Although the crypto currency is cheaper, it is still much more expensive than most other Altcoins.

The Bitcoin Private, a fork from Bitcoin and Z/classic, could turn out to be questionable for the forecast. This new coin will retain some of the advantages of Z classic. Developer Rhett Creighton has already announced that after the fork he will focus on the new Bitcoin Private and stop working on Z/classic. How this will affect the price of the ZCL coin remains to be seen.

Zclassic Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin revolution

At the beginning, the Zclassic crypto currency Review was quoted at over 4 Euro per coin, but in the course of November 2016 the price dropped continuously. From December 2016 to February 2017 the Zclassic price remained below 1 Euro per coin. In March, the price returned to over 1 euro, in April to 4 euros. In May, the price gained momentum and rose briefly to over 9 euros per ZCL coin. Thereafter, the Bitcoin revolution price fell and remained around 1 to 2 euros per coin for several months, temporarily with higher or lower values.

In December 2017, the crypto currency experienced an enormous rise. The price suddenly shot up almost vertically, so that the coin was already quoted at almost 100 euros. One reason for this could have been the announcement that the ZCL coins could be exchanged for Bitcoin Private Coins after the fork had taken place. And that 1:1, you only have to keep the coins in the Zclassic Wallet. The effect of this announcement was immediately noticeable. In the new year it did not remain however with the scarcely 100 euro, the course continued to accelerate and reached in January 2018 a previous high of 190 euro per coin. The share price then lost value, but remained above 100 euros for a long time, which even continued in February.

What does this tell us about a Zclassic Coin forecast? Is this enormous rise in the price only to swap the coin for Bitcoin Private? Is it now too late to buy Zclassic Coin? At the moment the Fork of Bitcoin Private was postponed again, which led to a short term decrease of the price. It is very difficult to say how the crypto currency will be in the long run.